Parents!... Nominate your Child for Criw Celf Gwynedd...

Parents!... Nominate your Child for Criw Celf Gwynedd...

Criw Celf offers a specialist training programme for children who are more able and talented in the visual arts. Our programme of special art master classes, with professional artists, offers its members opportunities to…

  • Access to high-quality & in-depth additional art education
  • Foster and develop skills and understanding of visual art & craft
  • Learn about careers in the art sector
  • Collaborate with artists to develop their potential & ability
  • Exhibit their work in a professional art gallery

Nominate your child…

As a parent you can nominate a child if they will be starting Yr. 7 in September 2017 to join this exciting training programme. Send a selection of their art to us for consideration by 10am on the 19th August, 2016. Please post us the following to the address below…

  • A 2D or 3D self-portrait created using any art material or combination of art materials (2D no larger than A3)
  • A drawing of the view from a window using any art materials or combination of art materials (2D no larger than A3)
  • A short paragraph explaining why they would like to join Criw Celf (no more than 50 words)

Please ensure that all submissions include name, age, school, home address and home telephone number on the back of each piece of work. Labels are available to download here if you like. Please note that it is the child’s natural ability we need to see when assessing the work. It is important that the child does not receive any help by an adult or artist to create their submissions.

An artist panel will select the successful children and we will invite them to join our master-class programme which will start in Sept/Oct 2016, a good start to their first year in secondary school!

Address & Contact Details…

Criw Celf Gwynedd, Caernarfon Archive, Gwynedd Council, Shire Hall St, Caernarfon,
Gwynedd. LL55 1SH

Rob Jones: 07711 269 202 / & download our flyer here: Parents Flyer

Please note: There is a £35 membership fee payable by all successful children.

Criw Celf Gwynedd will be inviting applications by Yr. 8 & 9 pupils next term also, please keep an eye out for more details on our website over the next few weeks.